Integrate innovative financial solutions with embedded finance

By integrating financial solutions, Dock offers you the option of optimizing processes and successfully launching your own products on the market. Use our API to develop individual solutions or get started without any development effort with our Plug & Play option.

All regulatory services are provided by regulated partners.


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Without development effort

Fast time to market:

Our Plug & Play solution offers a fully established financial service in a white-label design that you simply need to adapt to your own brand.

Lower development costs:

Save your company time and money as you have minimal in-house development work. The infrastructure and processes are already available as a complete, finished product.

Brand loyalty

The solution can be assembled as a modular system and operated under your own brand, ensuring brand loyalty and customer relationships are maintained.

Compliance and regulation:

You can access Dock's expertise and infrastructure without having to purchase your own license or develop complex projects yourself.


As an in-house development


The Embedded Finance API gives your organisation the flexibility to seamlessly integrate financial services into your existing applications, websites, and platforms.

Fast Implementation

Integrating APIs requires less time and resources compared to developing a completely customised solution. Implementation is faster and more cost-efficient.


With our API, you can adapt and personalise your financial services to your specific requirements and the needs of your customers.

Regulated partner

You can access Dock's expertise and infrastructure without having to purchase your own license or develop complex projects yourself.


Embedded finance for your industry


Financial institutions

Banks today are under enormous pressure to innovate. Our turnkey banking solution allows new customer-centric products to be tested, rolled out, and monetised quickly and easily – without interfering with the existing core banking system.

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Whether it's buildings, travel or property insurance, short-term payments often result in additional costs and lost time in the event of a claim. Our solution brings transparency, efficiency and security to the process – while optimising the user experience.

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Mobility companies incur significant expenses related to on-the-road costs. With our solution, more efficiency can be achieved: reduced downtimes, optimised accounting and streamlined processing.

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Travel industry

For many booking platforms, the existing payment setup leads to blocked liquidity and missed revenue opportunities. Our travel solution addresses both issues: it optimises cash flow and unlocks revenue avenues such as expense management or the issuance of loyalty cards.

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Our products at a glance


Payment cards

With physical or virtual payment cards for customers or for your own accounting processes, Dock Financial offers countless possibilities. Whether single cards or masses in industrial scaling. With Dock Financial, you use an international, round-the-clock payment transaction platform in cooperation with Mastercard. The creation of virtual cards in real time guarantees an optimal customer experience, and the design and processes are adapted to your requirements. With Push2Wallet, Dock Financial is the first provider in Europe where cards can be sent via text or email in real time without the need for an app.

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Using our front end, you can obtain comprehensive embedded finance functionalities as a modular system if required. You can put together your products individually without any programming effort and simply adapt them to your design or alternatively use our API. A connection via API or the use of both connections at a later date is possible without any problems and offers you maximum flexibility.

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Payment transactions

Equip your company with common payment methods and increase customer satisfaction. We enable companies to send and receive funds via SEPA transfers. Additional local payment methods can be integrated for maximum customer acceptance.

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Why Dock Financial?


Ready to use solutions

Our solutions can be implemented quickly and easily. At the same time, they are tailored to the needs of individual industries and can be customised to individual specifications. The white-label design allows you to customise the design in your own branding – or that of the respective customer.


New sales areas

Embedded finance solutions enhance efficiency and reduce costs. You can also transform your business model into a profitable revenue generator. Our banking solutions open up new business areas, generate added value, and increase your profits.


Cutting-edge technology

We focus on forward-looking digital technology. Modular APIs ensure performance, flexibility and scalability – even in complex structures with different companies and hierarchies. The highest standards guarantee maximum security and optimal data protection.


Experience and expertise

Our international team of experts can draw on many years of experience in the integration of banking functions. With excellent financing, an e-money license (Luxembourg) and Mastercard Principal Member status, we are ideally positioned to offer our customers the benefits of embedded finance.

How to get started

Get your own embedded finance solution in just three steps

Step 1
Finding a solution

Let's discuss your specific requirements. It's important that we gain a clear understanding of your goals in order to present you with the ideal solution. Our team of experts will then create and share with you a technical and commercial solution paper tailored to your use case.

Step 2

From this point on, we will work with you to integrate the embedded finance product into your systems. You will receive all the resources you need to get started quickly and easily. The solution is designed to be flexible to fit your business model and is priced appropriately.

Step 3
Market entry

Now is the time to develop a market launch and marketing strategy that is tailored to your company and target audience. While we plan the market launch together, our team will take care of integrating our solution into your existing product. Without the need for any development effort, your product is now ready for launch.


Interested in our embedded finance solutions?

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