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Embedded finance opens up completely new possibilities for companies. The solutions from Dock Financial can be implemented either as preconfigured products or via API connection in your own branding.



Dock Financial's card solution allows customers to generate physical or virtual payment cards in real time. Virtual cards can be transmitted immediately via a smartphone link, without the need for an app. By restricting the service providers via Merchant Category Codes (MCC), the use of the cards can be effectively controlled. The benefits: better customer experience, automatic allocation of payments, simplified accounting and lower costs.



Dock Financial's payment solution allows companies to integrate a wide range of payment methods. Local methods are also included: This allows providers to meet the needs of all markets and increase customer acceptance. A modern dashboard (web or mobile) provides a central overview of all transactions. The payment solution also allows targeted control of expenditure by restricting service providers.


Fields of application

Dock helps your company to make processes significantly more efficient or to generate additional sales by introducing new products. You can either integrate all solutions via our API or use them as a ready-to-use plug & play solution, depending on your individual use case.

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Banks today are under enormous pressure to innovate. Dock Financial's solution allows new customer-centric products to be tested, rolled out and monetized quickly - without interfering with the existing core banking system.

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Mobility companies have high expenses due to the processing of "on-the-road" costs. The solution from Dock Financial brings greater efficiency: it reduces downtime, optimizes accounting and simplifies processing. Go to Mobility Industry


Whether building, travel or property insurance: in the event of a claim, short-term payments often result in additional costs and time losses. The insurance solution from Dock Financial brings transparency, efficiency and security to the process - with an optimal user experience.

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For many booking platforms, the existing payment setup leads to blocked liquidity and missed revenue opportunities. Dock Financial's travel solution solves both: it optimises cash flow and opens up revenue streams such as expense management or proprietary cards.

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