Full Mastercard payment cards for benefits in accordance with AsylbLG / SGB

Optimize transfer services with our complete solution! Individual configurations in accordance with official requirements or AsylbLG / SGB enable efficient support. Forget expensive and time-consuming benefits in kind as well as uncontrolled and poorly targeted cash distribution. Our solution promotes targeted assistance according to your individual requirements. Avoid the bureaucratic effort and high costs of cash distribution in public administration.


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Ready-to-use complete solution with clear unique selling points for public administration


Reliable & sustainable

Fast and cost-effective introduction - possible without a costly IT project. Benefit from a comprehensive solution: low setup and running costs, the Dock Group's own e-money and Mastercard license for the entire European Economic Area - all from a single source, with just one partner. Thanks to short project runtimes, you can start a functioning pilot operation after just a few weeks. Our solution supports regional value creation, primarily in Germany, with certified processing and, if desired, sustainable card production. With extensive experience in mass payment processing, we offer services in all relevant national languages.


Simple to use in public administration

Employees in local authorities, cities and municipalities benefit from an administration portal that enables payment cards to be issued and managed efficiently. The straightforward use cases of a payment card include assigning, verifying, activating, topping up and blocking cards and are easy for employees to manage in our system. In addition, individual settings can be made for permitted spending and cash withdrawals can be limited. A validity restriction to a defined zip code area and the exclusion of various sectors (e.g. gambling or online retail) and the so-called "cash-back" functionality (return of goods for cash) is easily possible. The portal also enables transparent monitoring of credit balances and transactions as well as blocking and canceling cards as required.


Beneficiary administration

Beneficiaries benefit from easy handling, accessibility and inclusion without the need for technical infrastructure: simplicity, nationwide reliability and acceptance of a "real" Mastercard without stigmatization or reservations. A QR code provides card users with a clear and uncomplicated overview of the amount still available and the transactions made. An AI-based call center offers simple solutions for notifications and blocking. The card can optionally also be displayed as a virtual version in Apple or Google Wallet. We also provide an optional app and a web interface to make it even more convenient to use.


Our Solution for the Government

Plug & Play

Our sophisticated all-in-one solution offers a complete plug & play experience. No complex IT project required - simply ready to use. Independently of this, data from existing systems (such as PROSOZ) can also be easily and automatically transferred to our systems via a data interface (e.g. master data of persons authorized to perform services).

No account required

No need for individual accounts and individual transfers! Cards can be topped up easily by transferring funds from the municipal account.
Initially, this can also be done directly from the system for immediate use.

Card management

Targeted configuration of "Card Controls" multi-dimensional: We have the flexibility to combine all restrictions (location, time and scope of application) individually and even (temporarily) lift them in individual cases. We also offer the latest technology for the sustainable detection of suspicious transactions and attempted fraud.


Multi-client capability in the tenant architecture: Even if state or federal specifications are later made for a payment card program, our solution can be easily adapted across districts or states without any IT effort. Therefore, there is no "piloting risk" with us with regard to a later central specification for an authority that is already willing to make a decision today.


Your benefits with our all-in-one solution


Mastercard on a credit basis

Efficient card issuance of physical and virtual cards with individual credit balances and with the highest compliance requirements - can be stockpiled by the administration.


Transparency and security

Control of (limited) cash dispensing at ATMs completely replaces the cash process. Real-time card loading and insight into spending and credit balance.

Use and management

Quickly available solution, simple integration with the relevant specialist processes and short project duration. Manage new beneficiaries, payments and administrative tasks using the integrated dashboard.


Web app & mobile app

Beneficiaries can easily check their credit balance and a transaction overview at any time via a WWW app without complex installation. No barriers to using & managing the card in the mobile or web app.

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Your advantages with our complete solution


Dock Financial enables the realization of many local authorities and users through its system architecture and service experience. The foundation is an impressive triple unicorn foundation.

Federal structure can be mapped flexibly

The tenant architecture enables multi-client capability, with a flexibly configurable system at country level. Dock Financial does not offer proprietary solutions; our system can also be subsequently harmonized or differentiated at all federal levels.

Specialist procedure integration

Master data and transactions can be recorded immediately via specialist procedure interfaces. The integration of the payment card system via our API is easy and leads to a massive relief of the public administration.


Your advantages with our complete solution

Acceptance of the payment card

An unrestricted Mastercard that can be used anywhere, without prior agreement with stores, in accordance with the desired restrictions.

Configuration of cash withdrawals

Amount, number of withdrawals and choice of withdrawal locations, including free ATMs and optional retail outlets.

Individual customization

Payment cards can be freely combined and configured by region via zip code, merchant categories, cash withdrawal according to personal requirements. This includes customization with regard to validity periods, limits and temporary suspension.


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