Customer-Centric Insurance Payouts

Virtual payment cards reduce costs, improve processes, and optimise the customer experience.


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Better Customer Experience

The immediate availability of globally accepted payment cards in case of a claim ensures a perfect customer experience. This makes providers more relevant in daily life, intensifies customer interaction through numerous touchpoints, and positions them favorably against their competitors.


Maximum Transparency

The insurance company gains a clear overview of all expenses. The flexible restriction of card usage (merchant type, location, time, etc.) ensures comprehensive control. The application is intuitive and convenient for companies and policyholders alike.


Efficient Processes

Automating the reconciliation of payments made and existing claims increases backoffice efficiency by up to 80%. The use of modern API-based technology significantly reduces effort and therefore costs.

Our Solution for Your Industry

Meet requirements immediately

With Mastercard payment cards accepted worldwide, insurance companies can help their customers immediately in the event of a claim. The virtual cards conveniently provide the necessary funds in real time.

Numerous compelling use cases

Dock's embedded finance solution is suitable for a wide range of use cases in the insurance industry: from immediate assistance in the event of a claim to branding options and unlocking potential through upselling.

Premium level offering

The seamless customer experience is a major advantage of Dock's embedded finance solutions – thanks to the app in its own design. Compared to existing instant help solutions on the market, virtual payment cards impress with their speed and fewer problems associated with physical supply chain delays.

Industry-wide relevance

Tens of billions are paid out in the German insurance market every year. Whether it's buildings, travel, or pet insurance: virtual payment cards from embedded finance experts Dock ensure maximum process efficiency.

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