Payment Innovation for the Travel Industry

How providers improve their cash flow and unlock new sales opportunities


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Optimized liquidity

Booking platforms often use payment setups where capital is tied up long before the booking date. Dock's travel solution eliminates this liquidity drawback by using virtual payment cards. They are charged as late as possible, which helps to improve cash flow.

Travel Payment

New sales areas

Many platforms and other travel companies are searching for new business opportunities. Embedded finance solutions open up additional revenue streams for them, such as issuing their own debit cards and managing travel expenses for their customers.


Maximum security

The flexible limitation of the cards allows companies to specifically prevent misuse. For example, the cards can be restricted to a certain type of merchant, location, or time period. The solution meets all data protection and compliance requirements.

Our Solution for Your Industry

Issue your own cards

With embedded finance from Dock, providers can create their own virtual debit cards, even for each room booking separately. The "book now, pay later" approach improves liquidity, while card issuance provides a new revenue stream.

Manage travel expenses

By offering a travel expense management service, travel platforms can tap into an attractive new revenue stream. The automatic digital receipt capture feature of Dock's solution makes centralizing the management of all expenses much easier.

Convenient frontend

Embedded finance from Dock is provided as a turnkey white-label solution – either in your own branding or that of the customer. The ready-to-use app (web, smartphone) allows convenient control and comprehensive monitoring.

Worldwide acceptance

Physical or virtual payment cards are issued as Debit Mastercards through Dock's embedded finance. Dock is a Mastercard Principal Member, ensuring global acceptance.

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