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Embedded finance provides digital product options and generates new growth areas


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Digital Offerings with Value Add

With the capabilities of a payment card from Dock, traditional banks can position themselves well to compete with FinTechs and technology giants. The solution makes it easy to introduce digital offerings that meet today's changing user expectations. 

Perhaps you want to position yourself as a provider of cards for tax-free benefits in kind, or take your own card offering to a new level? Offer your private and corporate customers state-of-the-art cards that are in no way inferior to the most innovative FinTechs. Today's customers expect full transparency and control. With Dock, you can offer them exactly that without having to completely realign your own infrastructure.


New Earnings Potential

The provision of physical and virtual payment cards helps banks overcome current challenges. With embedded finance, they tap into new revenue streams, such as commission-based business. At the same time, they reduce costs through automated processes and cloud-based technology.


Rapid Product Innovation

Dock's turnkey embedded finance solutions significantly reduce time to market. Institutions can elegantly overcome the innovation bottleneck caused by legacy systems: They roll out new products without interfering with the existing core banking system.

Our Solution for Your Industry

Efficient onboarding

Dock's solutions offer compliance-as-a-service and meet all regulatory requirements (e.g. identification/verification, AML, PEP, transaction monitoring).

High-quality frontend

Embedded Finance from Dock can be easily adapted to any branding as a plug & play solution with a white-label design. The app for smartphone and web offers a comprehensive overview and an excellent user experience.

Wide range of functions

Payment cards from Dock offer benefits such as modern spending management, limit control, and wallet compatibility. Cashback options and Mastercard Premium services are also integrated.

Powerful technology

Thanks to modular APIs, the applications are powerful, flexible, fast, and highly scalable – without any intervention in the core banking system. Complex structures with different companies are also possible.

Efficient onboarding
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